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Design of IEAs

Morin, JF, J. Allan and S. Jinnah (2023) "The Survival of the Weakest: The Echo of the Rio Summit Principles in Environmental Treaties". Environmental Politics

  • Codebook on environmental law principles (HERE)
  • Dataset on environmental law principles (HERE)

Bélanger L and JF Morin (2023) "Treaty Amendment Procedures: A Typology from a Survey of Multilateral Environmental Agreements". Leiden Journal of International Law

  • Dataset on amendment procedures (HERE)

Morin, JF, C. Brandi and J. Schwab (2023) "Environmental Agreements as Clubs: Evidence from a New Dataset of Trade Provisions" Review of International Organizations.

  • Codebook on trade provisions (HERE)
  • Dataset on trade provisions  (HERE)

Laurens, N., J. Hollway and JF Morin (2023) "Checking for Updates: Ratification, Design, and Institutional Adaptation" International Studies Quarterly.

  • Dataset on amendments procedures (HERE)

Morin, JF, B. Tremblay-Auger, and C Peacock (2021) "Design Trade-Offs Under Power Asymmetry: COPs and Flexibility Clauses", Global Environmental Politics. 

  • Codebook on flexibility provisions, creation of collective bodies, and issue-areas (HERE)
  • Dataset on flexibility provisions, creation of collective bodies, and issue-areas (HERE)

Kim, R. and JF Morin (2021) "Massive Institutional Structures in Global Governance: A Bird's-eye View of the Trade-Environment Supercluster Complex", Global Environmental Politics.

  • Codebook on IEAs references to trade institutions (HERE)
  • Dataset on IEAs references to trade institutions (HERE)

Morin, JF, V. Fournier, S Paquin (2021) "Federated Entities in Environmental Treaties: Questionning Conventional Wisdom in Green Paradiplomacy". Canadian Journal of Political Science

  • Dataset on federated entities (HERE)

Morin, JF and C. Blouin (2019) 'How Environmental Treaties Contribute to Global Health Governance", Globalization and Health

  • Codebook on health-related provisions (HERE
  • Dataset on health-related provisions (HERE

Laurens, N and JF Morin (2019) "Negotiating Environmental Protection in Trade Agreements: A Regime Shift or a Tactical Linkage?International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics.