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Université Laval


Enrolled in PhD studies in political science, her main research interest focuses on global environmental governance. For her thesis, she studies how the institutional design of international scientific advisory committees affects knowledge uptake. Empirically, she will look at several international scientific advisory committees in global environmental governance. She is particularly interested in lesser-known cases than IPCC and IPBES. On the theoretical front, her thesis will combine the IR literature on the design of institutions with S&TS studies. On methods, she plans on combining quantitative and qualitative analysis.​​

Following her undegrad in Law and her masters studies in business administration focused on Global Business models, she worked a few years as a lawyer and business strategy advisor. Over the last year, she focused on methods courses to develop her skills in social science research methods (including ICSPR summer program at Michigan University, and qualitative, quantitative and research design courses). She has had the opportunity to work with 3 political science professors on projects relating to the design of international agreements, the resilience of institutions and a provincial strategic group grant application. She also obtained competitive Canadian national scholardships to further her PhD research.


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