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Domestic IP Index

Domestic IP Index

While policymakers often make bold claims as to the positive impact of intellectual property (IP) rights on both developed and developing country economies, the empirical literature is more ambiguous. IP rights have both incentive and inhibitory effects that are difficult to isolate in the abstract and are dependent on economic context. To unravel these contradictory effects, this article introduces an index that evaluates the strength of IP protection in 124 developing countries for the years 1995 to 2011.

The IP Index can be dowloaded here.

Variable definitions and data sources can be downloaded here

Descriptive statistics of the IP Index can be downloaded here

When using the IP index, please cite: Gold, R., J-F Morin and E. Shadeed (2018) "Does Intellectual Property Lead to Economic Growth? Insights from an Improved IP Dataset" Regulation & Governance.